LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Four fatal crashes in 24 hours.

We may be reaching a lot of people with these reports, but apparently not the people who need to be reached.

Before Tuesday morning’s fatal rollover that shut down the 95/515/I-11 for nearly 8 hours, we showed you some of Metro Police Traffic Sgt. Rich Rundell’s comments about the three fatal crashes in less than 10 hours Monday:

“All involving speed, involving racing, excessive speed and distracted driving, impatient driving. All reckless. All resulting in death. We’re in such a hurry to kill ourselves. We’re burying our neighbors. We’re burying our family members. We’ve got to slow it down. I’m begging you for your help. Save a life, even if it’s yours.

That last part sounds like a little bit of a dig – “save a life, even if it’s yours.” But no matter what we think of each other – or ourselves – don’t most all of us want to keep on living?

Maybe *you* know someone who needs to hear these words.

The LVMPD Traffic Bureau’s Facebook page has numerous similar messages. To visit that page, click – – – > HERE.

Please share it – especially for people who *don’t* watch the news. Maybe if they care about *you* and you ask them to think about their behavior?

Buckle up, drive carefully – and, oh- please put down that phone!

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