LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Teams of sixth, seventh and eighth graders spent last Saturday answering Jeopardy-tough questions in classrooms at the Veterans Tribute Academy High School.

Before ending up under the bright lights of VegasPBS, they’re in high school hallways abuzz with energy that includes parents coaches and volunteers.

But when it was time to focus – they were on it. Like this exchange between a Moderator and a student:

Moderator: “Only two planets have no moons. Name one of them.”

Student: “Mercury.”

Moderator: “That is correct. The other one is Venus.”

As proof that Varsity Quiz is a family that keeps on giving, the moderator in this classroom is the Coach of the reigning *High* School Varsity Quiz Champions from Coronado High School, Matt Aberman.

Thanks also to Varsity Quiz Coordinator Sheila Parise. She competed on V-Q as a high school student back in the day. She does all her current vq work on top of a full-time job as a counselor at Basic High School.

Shout-outs also to VegasPBS, the CCSD student activities team, and the Kiwanis Club of Las Vegas for their support.

From more than 30 middle school and junior high teams in three separate leagues, we’ll be recording this year’s Junior Varsity Quiz Semi-Finals and Finals next month at VegasPBS.

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