(NEXSTAR) — In this second episode of “Destination France,” host Marielena Balouris takes viewers on an immersive journey through the cultural and historical landmarks of France as that country is set to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

This episode features a deep dive into the Champagne region of France, showcasing the intricate process of creating the world-renowned bubbly.

Balouris also travels to the beaches of Normandy, now a serene tourist destination, but once the pivotal site of the D-Day invasion.

The show includes an exclusive look inside the opulent residence of the U.S. Ambassador to France, insights into the historic significance of the Statue of Liberty, and a tour of the Musée Yves Saint Laurent in Paris, highlighting the legacy of the legendary fashion designer and much more.

“Destination France” offers a comprehensive and captivating exploration of France’s enduring charm and its special bond with the United States. Watch the first Destination France episode here.

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