LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Things are looking a little different as UNLV students and professors return to campus this semester. From therapy dogs and new security measures that are now in place — all of these efforts are part of UNLV’s Rebel Recovery Program.

There are about 10 security guards walking around UNLV at any given time, even roaming campus at night.

“You can always identify them, they’re in bright yellow,” UNLV student Nick Minter explained. ” They’re normally pretty friendly and you can walk up and talk to them.”

He said this adds another layer of protection.

“My spouse, she graduated a year ago and she would take some night classes and it was an issue for her to feel safe. They have these panic police phones every so often but people don’t memorize them off the top of their head so it’s a small positive benefit,” Minter added. “I would like to see this to be a permanent change, it gives people jobs and I don’t know what this will do in the increase to cost of tuition because more labor, more money.”

Leslie Ybarra said she noticed the increased police presence right away.

“Having security around is good to have, but yet again there’s still that eerie sensation of having people come by freely so it’s a little difficult,” Ybarra said.

Assistant Director Arnold Vasquez from University Police Services said while security guards do not take any enforcement action, they can help in emergency services. He added being proactive in their hiring efforts is the goal.

“We have 5 new academy recruits and those recruits will graduate the academy in late July and hopefully we’ll have them in the field training program by early August,” Vasquez explained. “We also have 7 officers that are in field training right now, that’s the group that will get off training in the next few months here. We have a few of them graduating in the end of March and the rest of them will be closer at the end of May.”

University police will also deploy mobile surveillance cameras during big events on-site.

“We’re really happy to see the resiliency of the students, the faculty, and the staff and we’re proud to provide a service that helps people feel like they can actually give back to the reason on why they started coming to school here in the first place,” Vasquez said.

A number of officers are available to help students and staff. Students can even request a police escort at night through the Rebel Safe app.


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