Meta Description: Discover the most iconic MGM resorts in Las Vegas and conquer the challenges of choosing accommodations in this casino paradise.
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MGM and Las Vegas are a pair unlike any
other, becoming synonymous with the high-octane thrills often associated with
the Nevada desert city. However, knowing where to stay during your trip can be
difficult, primarily because of the many options, each catering to a different
type of tourist. This article will look at each, explore why they are worth
adding to our shortlist, and tell you everything you need to know before
booking your stay.

Bellagio Resort & Casino

Starting with one of the most iconic
fixtures on the Las Vegas strip, we have the Bellagio Resort & Casino. This
much-loved hotel is home to its world-famous water shows and Cirque du Soleil,
which performs there regularly. Whether you’re seeking fine dining, luxury
shopping, or just somewhere to relax, the Bellagio has everything and more.
With an on-site casino, you can enjoy a classic BetMGM
game or run at the roulette table, which
Las Vegas is best known for. You could also book a quiet room in the spa tower
if you want something more low-key.

Vdara Hotel & Spa

For those wanting a simple, tranquil
experience, a stay at Vdara Hotel & Spa might be for you. Boasting
smoke-free amenities and no on-site casino, the Vdara Hotel & Spa is
excellent if you want to return after a long day in Las Vegas and simply unwind
in a stylish setting.

ARIA Resort & Casino

The AAA Five Diamond-awarded ARIA Resort
& Casino is next to the Vdara Hotel & Spa, but you can expect a
different experience here. The ARIA is considered a sister property, and here
you’ll find everything you’d expect from a Las Vegas hotel. The amenities are
top-tier, and the service is equipped to handle all its guests’ needs, so
you’ll lack nothing while settling into the luxury suites.

Park MGM Las Vegas

A hotel you’ll be sure to recognize from
images online, the Park MGM Las Vegas is a three-pronged building just a short
walk from the T-Mobile Arena. This hotel is ideal for those visiting Las Vegas
for a show, and there is plenty of world-class entertainment from resident performers at this fantastic venue.

New York-New York Resort & Casino

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Next door to the Park MGM Las Vegas, you’ll
find the New York-New York Resort & Casino, which has something for
everybody. Still located on the same block as the T-Mobile Arena, this resort
and casino has a more family-friendly feel. With on-site shows and
entertainment, rollercoasters, and excellent New York-style food, the New
York-New York Resort & Casino is a must-visit.

Excalibur Resort

If you’re a fan of medieval and regal,
we’re sure you’ll enjoy your stay at the Excalibur Resort. This castle-themed
hotel is great fun for adult groups and families, thanks to the magic shows,
arcades, and the Tournament of Kings dinner show. Whatever your budget or
eating preferences, there will be something here for you, so check out this
unique resort.

Luxor Resort

Another hotel we’re sure you’ll recognize
from images is the Luxor Resort. It is a vast 30-story pyramid that has become
one of the most iconic spots in Las Vegas, which is high praise. This is an
architectural wonder; inside, you will surely be filled with excitement and
intrigue. There’s plenty to do here, from touring the Titanic to learning about
the series Bodies; we’re sure you’ll
enjoy your stay.

Delano Las Vegas

For those wanting to stay somewhere that’ll
let them fully unwind and disconnect after a crazy day in Las Vegas, the Delano
Las Vegas could be the perfect choice. With smoke-free suites, you’ll enjoy
your stay in unparalleled style, with excellent service ensuring your every
need is catered for.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

With 11 acres of pool space, the Mandalay
Bay Resort and Casino is a unique resort that is a slice of paradise. With
celebrity chefs, the Shark Reef Aquarium, and a Michael Jackson ONE show by
Cirque du Soleil, the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is excellent for those
wanting to experience the best of what Las Vegas offers.

Four Seasons Las Vegas

You’ll find the Four Seasons Las Vegas,
located next to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. With an added sense of
sophistication, free from many of the high-octane shows that you’ll find at
other hotels and resorts, the Four Seasons Las Vegas is home to incredible
suites, elevated dining and bar options at the veranda restaurant, the PRESS
Lounge, and even a Forbes Five-Star Spa. The Four Seasons Las Vegas is a
must-visit hotel for a luxurious stay.

MGM Grand

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Possibly the most famous hotel in Las
Vegas, the MGM Grand is known worldwide for its incredible amenities and
world-class entertainment — there’s a reason celebrities love this hotel. Home to some of the world’s best musicians, there’s much more to the
MGM Grand than just the entertainment. You’ll find Michelin-starred chefs,
plenty of casino games, and a variety of other entertainment, making this
essential for those seeking an authentic Las Vegas experience.

Booking Your Las Vegas Trip

If you’re booking your first trip to Las
Vegas, it can take time to figure out what to do first. You might prefer
something quieter to enjoy the city and then unwind afterward, in which case
the Vdara Hotel & Spa or the Delano Las Vegas is ideal. However, if you
want to go all-out and have a truly authentic Las Vegas experience, the
Bellagio Resort & Casino or the MGM Grand might be better. No matter your
needs, Las Vegas will surely cater to you.

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