LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Supporters of former President Donald Trump rallied and battled the searing heat to see him speak at Sunset Park in Las Vegas on Sunday.

The rally started around 10:30 a.m. and Trump took the stage around 12 p.m. His crowd had waited for more than six hours to see him. Michael Goddary was ready just after dawn to see the former president speak. For years, wherever Trump goes, Goddart is there.

“Usually every four years is really good, but since 2016, Trump keeps running rallies so we’re pretty good,” Goddart said. “He’s the only president in my lifetime that’s delivered on his campaign promises.”

Through the morning, the winding river of people grew with thousands at Sunset Park to see one man. It’s the former president’s first visit since being convicted of more than 30 felonies in New York.

“Why do I support him? Common sense,” Sally Fosrough said. “Everything’s going in the wrong direction, inflation, yada, yada, yada. We want to turn it around.”

Despite the heat, supporters turned out for the president and organizers handed out water to anyone who needed it. When the gates opened, the Secret Service allowed people to bring umbrellas to fight off the sun.

Trump’s visit comes days before the primary on Tuesday and candidates set up their tents and tables hoping for votes and endorsements.

“He has been the more people-oriented president we’ve ever had,” supporter Nick Devereux said. “He’s got the energy and you can see it right here.”

Devereux has lived in the valley for more than 30 years and told 8 News Now that he thinks an endorsement from the former president holds more weight than any other.

There was little doubt of enthusiasm for former President Trump Sunday however, the question is, whether there will be the same level of enthusiasm for Tuesday’s primary.

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