LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The strong winds making their way through the Las Vegas valley knocked down trees, streetlights, and even part of a metal sign at the California Hotel and Casino.

Both the locals and the tourists were blown away by the weather, with some even struggling to stand upright.

“This is crazy I have never been in wind like this. If you had snow here we would be in trouble,” Kris Kunze from Minnesota said.

Brett and Emily Jansen were visiting from Florida and joked they’re used to hurricanes, but agreed the wind was whipping up a frenzy.

“It’s like a tornado out here,” Emily Jansen said.

The wind wreaked havoc in the local neighborhoods. A Sky Canyon viewer sent a video to 8 News Now of knocked-over toys and patio furniture.

Gusts turned the signal lights off in Chinatown which caused traffic for drivers.

“A lot of wind, a lot of lights going out, a lot of trees blowing,” resident Jarell Ownes said.

Friends Mireya Villarino and Czarliz Bernardino woke up to potted plants knocked over up and down their Aliante-area street.

“This wind is just crazy. It is hard to walk outside and do anything,” Bernardino laughed with windblown hair.

The wind also knocked down traffic cones and a couple of streetlights near Eastern Avenue and Vegas Valley Drive.

The California Hotel and Casino has not yet shared the extent of the damage.

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