MS120-8LP-HW Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Network Switch 3 Year Enterprise License LIC-ENT-3YR


SKU:: 360396362


Meraki MS120-8LP Cloud Managed Switch Cisco Meraki offers a broad range of switches built from the ground up to be easy to manage without compromising any of the power and flexibility traditionally found in traditional enterprise-class switches. Meraki access & aggregation switches are all managed through an elegant intuitive cloud interface freeing administrators to spend less time on configuration and more time on meeting business needs. To set up a Meraki switch just plug it in; there’s no need for repetitive command-based configuration and switches can be up and running within minutes of connecting them to the network. A powerful centralized management interface gives administrators deep visibility into the network and how it is used. See which switches are near capacity across hundreds of sites. Quickly provision and reconfigure switch ports with security QoS and more. The Meraki dashboard provides unified policies event logs and monitoring making it easy to manage network deployments without sacrifice. ***License needs to be purchased to manage product on the cloud.