LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Fake temporary license plates, expired plates, and sometimes no plates at all. It’s a common issue in Southern Nevada and the DMV Compliant Enforcement Division is working to cut down on violations.

“I’ve seen quite a few people drive around with no license plates at all,” local driver Tyrone Woogard told 8 News Now.

It’s a problem many said is nothing new; cars across Southern Nevada with expired registration, fake license plates, and in some cases, no identification.

“They can tell if you’ve got insurance or not,” Woogard said. “They can even tell if you have warrants or not.”

He and other drivers told 8 News Now they are tired of seeing this all over the valley.

The DMV Compliance Enforcement Division confirmed violations have increased in the past four years.

“You see a lot of people,” J.D. Decker, Chief of Nevada DMV Compliance Enforcement said. “That are masking registration problems out there.”

Chief Decker said he and his team are doing what they can to crack down on those breaking the law.

A big problem he cited, is artificial temporary vehicle tags. Chief Decker said many are printed from social media or online counterfeit websites.

He added that others will take real temporary paper plates and alter the expiration date to avoid fees.

“A dealer temp tag, this is a legitimate one,” Chief Decker said, demonstrating with a paper registration tag. “But this is from 2021 and this person was still using it.”

Chief Decker added that others will steal license plates and pair them with stolen cars.

If a vehicle is on the road without a plate, Chief Decker said it can mean someone bought the car from a private party and is waiting for the registration.

“The problem is that it puts us all at risk,” Chief Decker said of the violations. “Not only the person that’s doing the violating but everyone on the road.”

If a driver gets caught, it can mean hefty fines and in some cases, a car impounded.

“All of that adds up to far more than it costs to just deal with the registration issues,” Chief Decker said.

Therefore, no matter how difficult it may seem, he and others on the road said it’s worth it to do the right thing.

Chief Decker said if your license plate is stolen from your car, it will most likely be used in a crime, so it’s important to report it to authorities and the DMV so it’s no longer connected to you.

It’s also important to note, that anyone waiting for their car registration can get a temporary movement permit from the DMV for $1.

The fine for driving an unregistered vehicle is up to $1,000. For more information click HERE.

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