After doubling down on his vetoes of Democrat-led legislation that would have protected renters from exploitation and prevented skyrocketing rent for seniors and Nevadans with disabilities, Lying Lombardo is trying to shift the blame for the housing crisis. Meanwhile, President Biden has been delivering real results for Nevadans, including by providing $1 billion to Nevada to boost affordable housing, lower housing costs, and keep homeowners and renters in their homes. 

“While Joe Lombardo vetoed legislation that would have lowered housing costs for Nevadans, President Biden and Democrats are taking real action to increase access to affordable housing and keep Nevada families in their homes,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson, Tai Sims. “Lombardo chose to cave to the slumlord billionaire who bankrolled his gubernatorial campaign and put Nevadans last, but President Biden is holding special interests accountable and doing whatever it takes to lower costs and give Nevada families the safety and security they deserve.”

Lombardo vetoed numerous bills that would have uplifted Nevada families and lower the cost of housing across the state:

  • AB298 would have capped rent increases for seniors and Nevadans with disabilities.
  • SB335 would have extended a 2021 law that would have allowed Nevadans to stay in their homes for longer if they had a pending rental assistance application.
  • AB340 would have brought Nevada in line with the rest of the nation by requiring landlords, rather than tenants, to be the first to file in court in summary eviction proceedings.  
  • SB78, which would have protected renters from hidden and predatory fees from landlords. 

Meanwhile, President Biden is enacting commonsense policy to fix the housing crisis and ensure that every Nevada family has access to affordable, secure housing:

  • The Biden-Harris administration has reduced mortgage insurance premiums by $800 per year for hundreds of thousands of first-time homebuyers, expanded rental assistance to 100,000 additional households, and overseen the construction of tens of thousands affordable housing units.
  • In Nevada alone, the President’s American Rescue Plan provided $1 billion to boost affordable housing, lower housing costs, and keep homeowners and renters in their homes.
  • President Biden is now calling on Congress to pass the most consequential housing plan in over half a century, which would lower costs by providing a tax credit for first-time homebuyers, build and renovate more than two million homes, and crack down on corporations that rip off Nevadans, and provide rental assistance for hundreds of thousands of more families.
  • Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, passed by Congressional Democrats Democrats, secured $500 million for former Governor Sisolak’s “Nevada Means Home” Initiative.
  • Congresswoman Susie Lee announced a $2 million federal investment to our community for housing and food pantry upgrades to help low-income families across Vegas.


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