Pasticceria D’Azeglio

Pistachio Cornetto


Raisin Brioche


Part of Bologna for nearly fifty years Pasticceria D’Azeglio is named after the street it inhabits, early opening hours on Monday making it an ideal option for nearby businesses in one of the city’s most upscale shopping districts.

Rustic and small without a Bar like so many Italian Pastry Shops, though Espresso shots are still pulled quick, guests arriving early will find good diversity including Cornetti stuffed with flavored Cream and Viennoiserie including a Raisin coil topped in Frosting.

Priced lower than nearby competition, a particularly boozy Baba just €3, look for Sfogliatelle tucked away amidst everything else and if fortune smiles it will be warm with shattering layers yielding Ricotta and Semolina with Citrus inside.



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