As March Madness roars on, NV Dems could not pass on the opportunity to remind Nevadans of all the times Lombardo could have scored for families, but instead missed easy layups when he chose to veto Democrat-led legislation that would have expanded access to reproductive health care, made our communities safer, and lowered costs. Last legislative session, Lombardo proved he was slumlord billionaire Robert Bigelow’s MVP, after he vetoed legislation that would have lowered housing costs. As we near the middle of his term, Lombardo’s midseason performance has placed him in prime position to be named Nevada’s leading scorer for special interest groups after he was caught lying on the campaign trail about the amount of ghost guns found in Clark County, received campaign cash from big drug companies after vetoing legislation that would have lowered prescription drug costs, and admitted that he is willing to “use everything available to ensure success” including dark money to win more political power.

“Nevadans don’t need to wait for the buzzer to know that Lombardo’s political prerogative is bringing home the prize for special interests and his wealthy donors,” said Nevada State Democratic Spokesperson Tai Sims.



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