Last week, Mitch McConnell’s handpicked candidate Sam Brown was caught on tape walking away from a Northern Nevada reporter to avoid answering questions about when he planned to debate his fellow GOP primary opponents.

Sam Brown has skipped every GOP primary debate this cycle and has even garnered national media attention for his absence on the campaign trail. After the second debate he skipped, Brown promised he would debate after the campaign filing deadline on Friday, March 15. It’s only been two days since that deadline and a debate has already been announced that Brown did not sign up for

The messy, crowded GOP candidate field has been quick to attack Brown for his absence, including joking that “Brown’s favorite sport is dodgeball.” However, during his failed 2022 candidacy, Brown was the one attacking his opponent for not showing up. Brown publicly challenged Adam Laxalt to multiple primary debates and called Laxalt “a typical career politician cowardly hiding from voters” claiming that instead of debating, “(Laxalt’s) in DC with Mitch McConnell and an audience of DC lobbyists.”  

With 12 Republican candidates running, it is sure to be a messy road to June 11. 

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Katharine Kurz

“MAGA extremist Sam Brown knows he can’t answer for his wildly unpopular agenda, so he’s desperately trying to dodge debates and run away from any scrutiny of his record. If Nevadans can’t trust Brown to honor his own commitment to debate his opponents after the filing deadline, why should voters believe a word this self-serving politician says for the rest of the campaign?” 


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