LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s the start of a new month and for residents in Nevada, that means a minimum wage increase.

“Everybody needs a raise,” Crown & Anchor Pub, General Manager, Art Christenson told 8 News Now.

Nevada’s minimum wage is now up $12 an hour all thanks to an assembly bill signed into law in 2019.

“With the inflation that we all have faced over the past years, I am happy my hourly employees will be paid more,” Christenson said.

However, for employees like Priscilla Anderson who has worked as a bartender for years, she said it’s still not where it needs to be for her and her family.

“I used to be able to support me and my two daughters on one income working three days a week and now I need two incomes to support a household for sure,” Anderson said. “It’s probably not going to make a big difference for my family.”

Christenson stated that this wage increase also means a price increase for his customers.

“We’ve slowly raised our prices and so it’s passed on to the customers. Hopefully not to a point where it scares them away,” he added. “We kicked up menu prices, raised beer prices and effective today, raised our liquor prices by 50 cents.”

Previously, employers could offer different wages depending on whether they provided health benefits, but now, the $12-an-hour minimum wage applies to all employees regardless.

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