LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Neighbors shared their shock on Friday after the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department shared details on the moments before officers shot a home invasion suspect in the central valley.

“I heard some gunshots,” Ernesto Garcia said. “And I was like what the hell what was that?”

Garcia spoke with 8 News Now about what he saw when the home invasion led to a police shooting in his neighborhood Tuesday.

“I just came out and saw all the cops out here,” Garcia recalled.

Garcia’s street, near Lake Mead Boulevard and Rancho Drive, was covered in crime scene tape Tuesday after officers said Matthew Tindall broke into two homes armed with an eight-inch kitchen knife and tried to stab three people.

Metro Police released body camera footage Friday, showing when police said they confronted Tindall.

Officers told 8 News Now Tindall had the knife, dropped it, and then tried to pick it back up when officers fired five rounds and shot him.

“These incidents are ever-evolving,” LVMPD Assistant Sheriff Yasenia Yatomi said during a news conference. “And so dynamic.”

Assistant Sheriff Yatomi and LVMPD Deputy Chief Dori Koren spoke on this response and several others in the past week, praising their officers’ quick action.

“This past week alone we had a really high number of critical incidents,” Deputy Chief Koren said. “And our officers are out there, as our sheriff said in 110-degree heat, working to keep our community safe.”

Meanwhile, Garcia said he is glad Tuesday’s situation wasn’t worse, but he will think differently moving forward.

“We gotta be careful,” Garcia said. “You never know who is trying to do something to you.”

He told 8 News Now his priority is ensuring his family stays safe.

“It’s pretty dangerous out here now,” Garcia concluded.

Tindall survived the shooting and is now at the Clark County Detention Center.

He faces multiple charges, including three counts of attempted murder with an enhancement: use of a deadly weapon, two counts of home invasion with a deadly weapon, and one count of battery with a deadly weapon.

Tindall is due in court on July 1.

Police said no officers were hurt in the altercation. One victim had a cut on her hand but is expected to be okay.

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