LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Residents in the northwest Las Vegas valley neighborhood are complaining that children have allegedly caused significant damage to their property.

Those living in the Woodcrest neighborhood have observed a pattern of property damage, from damaged garage doors to food dumped inside parked cars, and they believe that the cause may be unsupervised children.

“They started out doing minor things like knocking over trashcans, but it sounds like things are getting worse,” a Woodcrest resident shared with 8 News Now. 

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared with 8 News Now that she now has to get her garage door replaced.

“It doesn’t open right now because these kids have knocked some of the rollers off. It’s got the dings and the dents, and it’s bent so to replace it will be $1100 plus tax,” she said.

Neighbors living near her home also informed her that they had seen even more disturbing things happen to her property.

“My neighbor told me that someone peed on my car so I ran out there with my camera and it was all wet around my license plate and a puddle on the sidewalk,” she added.

A fellow neighbor, Nan Ramsey found food dumped inside of her convertible, and other residents similarly reported the same issue.

‚ÄúThere has been food-related slop pelted towards our property and our cars. These two cars have been broken into a couple of times and each of us thought we were being targeted, but it’s been happening to all of us,” Ramsey shared.

Ramsey and fellow neighbors said they’ve exhausted all options and after telling both the police and the HOA, they say they are still not seeing immediate action being taken.

“I’ve felt pretty hopeless in these last few weeks since this has been going on,” another Woodcrest resident shared with 8 News Now.

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