LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A man faces attempted murder charges after police said he tried to push his ex-wife out of a car, according to an arrest report obtained by 8 News Now.

Fernando Jimenez, 47, was arrested on June 12, and faces several charges including attempted murder, battery which constitutes domestic violence with substantial bodily harm, and domestic battery by strangulation, according to a police report obtained by 8 News Now.

Jimenez told police he was “trying to good for his family” following a fight between him and his former wife that later ended with him forcibly shoving her through an opened car window, onto the ground and then repeatedly slamming her body onto the ground, according to the report.

The incident took place on June 12, east of Las Vegas along Lake Mead Boulevard and Pabco Road.

Police said they were alerted to the incident after officers were flagged down by a woman along the roadway, asking for help, and looked to have “multiple bruises and blood coming from her head,” the report stated. The woman stated that she had gotten into a physical altercation with her ex-husband after her children had been taken away.

Witnesses told police they saw a verbal argument between the two become physical when Jimenez reached over and grabbed the woman by the neck and that choking continued for three minutes. The two then fell out of the driver-side window, according to witness accounts in the report. Witnesses also told police that the fight continued as Jimenz was then seen grabbing the woman by her neck and hair and then dragging her down a dirt hill towards a ditch, the report stated.

The woman was able to escape and alert officers after Jimenez lost his footing and fell down the hill, according to the report.

Police later located Jimenez on the ground about a 1/4 of a mile east of where the woman was found. Jimenez was seen lying face down on the roadway resting his head on two empty beer bottles. Police then took him into custody, the report stated.

Jimenez then told police, that he and his ex-wife were parked on the side of the road eating dinner when he was thrown out of the passenger side window, according to the report. He also told police that he was in the passenger seat, his ex-wife was in the driver’s seat, and that another person was in the back seat. He also stated that an unknown person by the name of “Kawanta” (alias of “Cash”) was also in the car and that he was the one who threw him out the window, according to the arrest report.

Jimenez then told police he “feared for his life” and that he was “only trying to do good things for his family,” according to the arrest report.

Police also interviewed a person who had witnessed the incident and stated that they had been living in a vehicle with their sister and Jimenez for the last two days after they had all been evicted from their home, the report said. The witness also told police throughout the day Jimenez and his ex-wife had been arguing about being homeless, and also because Child Protective Services had recently taken custody of their six children, according to the report.

The witness then told police the woman had been driving and that Jimenez was in the front passenger seat. The two started arguing again about losing their children to CPS after which Jimenez reportedly lunged at the woman with both hands as she was sitting in the driver’s seat, according to the report. The witness then told police Jimenez did so with such force that he was then seen hanging out of the driver’s side window. The witness then told police Jimenez was seen strangling the woman outside the car and slamming her on the ground repeatedly and that the woman started yelling at him to stop however, he refused, the report stated.

The witness continued by telling police that Jimenez attempted to drag the woman down a steep embankment while yelling that “he was going to kill her,” according to the report.

The witness then told police the woman instructed her to grab the knife from inside the vehicle and stab Jimenez with it. The witness said she grabbed the knife but then said she realized that she didn’t know how to open the switchblade and was unable to use it against Jimenez. That is when Jimenez lost his footing and the two women were able to escape back to the car and find an officer down the roadway, according to the report.

Doctors at the hospital later told police that the woman injured had sustained a broken vertebra, due to being treated for injuries police were unable to interview her, the report stated.

Police also stated that while Jimenez was being discharged from the hospital he refused to talk to detectives on the case.

Jimenez and the woman were previously married however divorced three years ago, police said.

Police investigators also stated in the report that they believed there was probable cause that Jimenez committed the offense of attempted murder.

Jimenez’s criminal history includes previous arrests for assault with a deadly weapon, coercion with force, domestic battery, and battery by strangulation, according to the report.

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