LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With triple-digit temperatures entering the danger zone, many across the Las Vegas valley are making sure they stay hydrated and safe while out in the heat.

Dr. Benjamin Chan of Valley Oaks Medical Group shared with 8 New Now what he has seen when someone comes in with heat stroke symptoms.

“Nausea, confusion, and heavy muscle cramps, those are the things to be careful of,” Chan shared.

Chan stated that while many people think wearing hats or using sunscreen will cut down on the effects of the sun, the heat can still be deadly.

“Sunscreen will protect your skin, but it does not protect against heatstroke or heat exhaustion. Using an umbrella will give you shade, but the heat is still surrounding you, so it doesn’t cut down the whole temperature,” Chan added.

For those transit riders who are out in the heat daily waiting on their ride, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada is doing what it can to ensure their safety.

“This week we know that the heat is going to be really brutal so starting Tuesday throughout the rest of this week, we are going to be out at different transit stops, driving up and down our bus routes passing out waters and sunscreen to those passengers who are waiting at the stops,” Mackenzie Coombs-Emery with RTC said.

Transit riders like Lauren Gunn said while she tries her best to stay in the shade, it’s not always possible.

“They definitely need misters and fans at the stops because it gets extremely hot and overcrowded on the buses,” Gunn told 8 News Now. 

The RTC has installed what they call “slim shelters” providing shade at bus stops across the valley with bars for people to lean and sit on while they wait.

Different from the traditional stops where you see a bench for riders to sit on.

“Some bus stops don’t have covers, but the ones that do, I appreciate it,” Gunn added. 

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