LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Residents across the Las Vegas valley continue to fall victim to car thefts as they continue to rise.

Residents like Jason Winn and his roommate who both had their cars targeted Saturday.

“They punched the lock on his truck and then went to my truck and punched the lock on that one,” Winn shared. “They opened the door and the alarm went off and that’s when they bolted.”

Winn caught the culprits on video this past Saturday in the dark hours of the morning. He waited a while before going outside to check on his truck.

“I was afraid what could have happened if I went out too fast and someone was still out there,” Winn said.

Fortunately, they weren’t able to steal anything before the alarm went off, but Winn feels like his community has been on edge as of late. 

“Since we’ve had a lot of street racing and all types of things going on in the neighborhood, things have gone crazy and it seems like a lot more break-ins are happening too,” he said.

Down the block, Christopher Mckeen shared his own experience, after his car was stolen while parked right outside his house.

“We had to file a police report,” Mckeen shared. “We had an air tag in the car so fortunately we were able to track down the car.” 

Both men said they have no other place to park their vehicles, so for now, it’s a constant back-and-forth to the front window to make sure their cars are still there.

“I’ve thought about talking to one of the neighbors and renting a space in their garage,” Winn added.

Sheriff Kevin McMahill spoke about vehicle thefts during the State of the Department address Monday. He stated that there were parts of the valley that saw a 90% increase in cars being broken into and stolen. LVMPD said keeping the number of car thefts down is a main priority this year.

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