LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many have reported to 8 News Now that grasshoppers are back in Las Vegas, with several people seeing what they call “swarms” of the flying insects around town.

It’s a shocking and pretty disgusting sight as grasshoppers take over parts of Southern Nevada.

“I see them all over the place,” Asher Lewis said.

Lewis told 8 News Now the bugs have been catching him off guard as he drives around town.

“I don’t know how often they come or how long it has been happening,” Lewis said. “But this is the third time I’ve seen them.”

He said he saw hundreds of them on his way home late at night in the central valley.

“2019 was nasty,” Lewis recalled. “So when I saw those for a few days I thought they were coming back.”

Most Las Vegans remember the massive grasshopper invasion of 2019, when the whole city, including the Las Vegas Strip, was covered. Experts said Pallid Winged Grasshoppers, which are native to Nevada, usually stick around big cities like Las Vegas in the summer.

“Even when I’m driving, they are smacking into the windshield all the time,” Lewis said. “It’s pretty gross.”

The insects are attracted to light and populations ramp up after increased winter rain, which is what happened five years ago, according to experts.

However, whenever we see a resurgence in the city, state entomologists echo the same message.

“They don’t carry any diseases, they don’t bite,” Nevada Department of Agriculture Entomologist Jeff Knight said in a past 8 News Now interview. “They’re not even one of the species that we consider a problem.”

They are known to be harmless, but still unpleasant. This is something Lewis said he was happy to hear, but he told 8 News Now he hopes the season doesn’t get worse.

“I know it gets like crazy,” Lewis concluded. “This year is not looking as bad, but it’s getting there.”

Grasshopper swarms usually occur in Las Vegas between June and October, so the season is just beginning.

The bugs are specifically attracted to ultraviolet light, so by using lights that have less UV power, one can avoid grasshoppers at night.

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