Private gym pools stop waiving rules

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Stacie Sanderford said she is lucky her condo has a pool following cancellations at her gym’s pool, but for many others across the Las Vegas valley new rules might close their preferred aquatic exercise spot.

The Southern Nevada Health District announced this month they would no longer be allowing waivers of the lifeguard requirement for 29 pools across 20 locations with waivers in place.

The Southern Nevada Health District announced they would no longer be allowing waivers of the lifeguard requirement for 29 pools across 20 locations with waivers in place. (KLAS)

The Las Vegas Athletic Club was granted their applications for a waiver in 2020 by the Board of Health which allowed for remote monitoring of their pools, according to SNHD.

Following in line with LVAC, other private gyms applied for the same application and received permission from the Health District.

The Las Vegas Athletic Club (KLAS)

However, recently members at EōS Fitness and LVAC reached out to 8 News Now with company emails announcing their pools would be closing and upgrading following an end to the lifeguard requirement.

“The Health District took action to revoke LVAC’s variance,” Jennifer Sizemore, SNHD chief communications officer said in a statement. “Because [LVAC] has not followed the required safety measures.”

The requirement for lifeguards at Las Vegas valley pools comes during a shortage of trained pool attendants across the country.

“The communities need to invest in their lifeguards, they need to pay them better,” Wyatt Werneth, a spokesperson for the American Lifeguard Association said. “Give them incentives to come out and have this wonderful lifestyle.”

The shortage of lifeguards has a direct impact on questions of how many gym pools will remain open according to Eric McCauley, EōS senior regional vice president of sales.

“EōS is arranging to add more lifeguards at multiple locations throughout the Las Vegas valley to align with the recent change in pool regulations from the Southern Nevada Health District,” he said in a statement Tuesday. “This may result in the temporary closure of some pools as we build out the team to support these new requirements.”

McCauley added in an additional statement to 8 News Now that EōS has not determined any definitive pool closures as they are still seeking more lifeguards.

EōS Fitness customers are encouraged to check their local gym’s website which has amenities and their availability online.

EōS Fitness (KLAS)

However, the EōS Fitness pool at Alta Drive and Rainbow Boulevard appears to be facing either a closure or an upgrade as photos show it is now unavailable for customers.

Sanderford said she, and others like her, rely on aquatic exercise due to injury or doctor recommendation and a pool closure could cause a major life disruption.

“It’s almost like they don’t want to discuss it,” she said. “What you have to do is look at your schedule every day to see if you will even be able to go.”

Sanderford said the constant changes at the gym pool for rapid liquid cardio, aqua classes, and other activities are difficult for customers who rely on those specific exercises.

“I have called LVAC several times and one time I asked them, ‘How I put my membership on hold,” she said. “I was told I didn’t have a membership with a pool, I had a membership with a gym.”

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