LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Metropolitan Police partnered with local religious leaders Saturday for active shooter training in the northwest valley.

“We cover the bases,” LVMPD Detective Adrian Hunt said. “Run, hide, and fight.”

Detective Hunt, who also serves as the President of the Nevada chapter of the Black Police Association, spoke with 8 News Now about his team’s efforts to prepare the community.

“It’s become necessary for those of us in the church community,” Pastor Michael Jackson added at the event.

Dozens packed Tabernacle of Praise Church in the northwest valley Saturday afternoon to learn practical strategies, with churches, businesses, and people across Southern Nevada represented.

“We are partners of the community,” Detective Hunt said. “And it takes a village.”

Detective Hunt called events like this crucial, as he and other members of law enforcement taught people how to respond decisively in high-stress situations.

“It’s sad to say in this day in age, that’s what it comes down to,” Detective Hunt explained. “But we want everyone prepared.”

Tabernacle Pastor Michael Jackson said shootings are top of mind for him since religious buildings like his are so accessible to the public.

Religious institutions have also been targets of past attacks across the country.

“We see it on TV and we hear the horrible stories,” Pastor Jackson said. “But if we can prepare ourselves, I think it will be a much better situation.”

It is a situation no one wants to see happen, but those attending Saturday’s event told 8 News Now they want everyone to be ready, regardless.

“If that’s what is necessary,” Detective Hunt concluded. “It’s a last resort.”

Event organizers said about 30 churches and businesses across the community were represented at the training event.

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