LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A local group of moms and businesses are coming together to raise awareness to prevent bullying.

Enough is enough, one local mother said.

Latina Moms of Las Vegas‘ is holding an event on Saturday, June 1, that will benefit the family of Flora Martinez, who took her own life on May 7 after her family said she was bullied at school.

The goal is to raise awareness to prevent bullying and help her family through the tragedy.

The Facebook group’s founder Lucy Salazar said mothers need to come together to help make a change. Salazar founded it in 2008 and travels from Pahrump to make sure mothers in the Las Vegas valley continue to have a voice. She said the Martinez’s heartache hit home for her.

“We have to get together and that’s where I said I couldn’t stop thinking about her, I saw the video a couple of days before I made my post,” she said. “I couldn’t stop thinking about the family I couldn’t stop thinking about the student, what she had been through to had gotten there it just made me feel that could have been me too.”

Or her own child, she added.

She said she hopes this event raises awareness and provides families and kids a safe space. The group has hosted several events in previous years to help families in Las Vegas.

Salazar said she has been in contact with the Martinez family and the money raised will go directly to them on behalf of Flora Martinez.

The event, called Stop Bullying, is from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at 4650 Judson Avenue, Las Vegas 89115. There will be food, waterslide, bake sales, raffles, on-site reading assessments and much more. It’s open to everyone.

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