LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – La Bonita Supermarkets at Desert Inn Road and Eastern Avenue has finally reopened after a partial collapse nearly three years ago.

On August 13, 2021, a horrifying collapse due to high winds caused major damage to the building. It left a need for people living near the area.

The neighborhood still had markets — an Albertson’s just east of the La Bonita location, and a Marketon Supermarket along Desert Inn Road. Two Smith’s stores are also within close driving distance.

After a very long process to get the building up and running, reconstruction began in 2022. 

The supermarket remained closed as the lights were kept on. 

The owner of the shopping center, Kimco Realty released a statement that same year: 

“Kimco Realty acquired the property last year in August 2021 and we recognize the need for a grocer or strong anchor in this location. We are committed to bringing in the operator who will best serve the customers in this area. Reopening a grocery store at Francisco Center is a priority of our leasing team, and there is planning in the works,” according to Jennifer Maisch, vice president of marketing and communications at Kimco.

Finally, La Bonita Supermarkets #4 wrapped up construction in 2023. 

According to a news release from La Bonita, it was discovered that many of the air conditioning units and refrigerators were not working once the construction was completed. 

The issues prolonged the opening once again. 

“Due to the downtime of being closed, all the units on the roof had been vandalized, and copper wire and entire units had been stolen from the roof,” said La Bonita. 

It pushed the supermarket’s opening to another six months leading to its opening date on Wednesday, June 12. 

During its closure, there were some updates; new LED lighting, new produce and bakery fixtures, new checkout and self-checkout stands, and new flooring and paint throughout the store. 

“Around 50 of the original employees from this store who were still working for La Bonita have been transferred back to this store, and they hired around 150 new employees,” according to La Bonita’s news release. 

“It has been a very long three years, but we are very happy to say we are finally open again on Eastern Avenue and Desert Inn Road. I want to thank all our customers for their patience in this entire process,” La Bonita’s General Manager Armando Martinez said. 

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