LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Las Vegas valley is feeling the heat with scorching temperatures in the triple digits. Some residents flocked to nearby pools to find some relief.

“This heat is crazy so I needed something to keep the kids cool,” Tasha Harris of North Las Vegas shared.

However, with fun in the sun, comes some safety concerns. UMC Emergency Physician, Dr. David Obert explains.

Silver Mesa Lake Swimming Pool in North Las Vegas (KLAS)

“Dizziness, extreme fatigue, feeling like you’re going to pass out; These are all warning signs,” Dr. Obert said. “When you stop sweating, that is a big sign of issues to come.”

He also added that amid the most recent heat wave, it’s been a busy week at UMC.

“Last couple of days we’ve definitely seen things heat up, no pun intended with heat-related injuries and a number of people suffering from dehydration and exposure,” he shared with 8 News Now.

He also added that he has seen several people come into the UMC Burn Care Unit.

“We see a large amount of pavement burns at UMC. People fall and spend a short period of time on the ground and then before they know it, they develop third-degree burns on their arms, chest, and back,” he said.

As for staying hydrated, it’s vital to drink 24 to 32 ounces of water hourly if you plan on being outside. Modifying alcohol and caffeine intake is also recommended as both can be dehydrating.

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