LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A Las Vegas business owner said he took matters into his own hands after seeing a fellow business vandalized for the second time this year.

In the past six months, Tacotarian in downtown Las Vegas has been vandalized or broken into twice. Fortunately, Las Vegas Metropolitan police have been able to find and arrest the suspect thanks to fellow business owner, Doe Henderson who said he watched the whole thing happen and followed the suspect from afar.

“As he was walking he was trying to open car doors. In this area we get a lot of the homeless we had our experience with a break-in also,” Henderson described.

“He looked like upset and I was like that man is dangerous and we have to be careful and after he broke the glass he just walked away, Miriam Cedeno manager of Tacotarian recalled the scary encounter to 8 News Now.

Others who work nearby detailed their own experience with their shops being targeted and shared that it’s become the norm in the Las Vegas Arts District for property to be defaced.

Businesses react to increase in break-ins and vandalism in the Las Vegas Arts District on July 9, 2024. (KLAS)

Over the years we have been broken into more than a few times,” Tinna Lee Farrell who works at “Foreplay Style House” said. “Our store used to have a very large window display someone threw a rock through the window and because of that we had to board it up and as you can see even after it still got vandalized and we’ve painted over it four times and it keeps getting vandalized so.”

At this point, even with security cameras on sight, business owners say they know they have to stick together to keep each other and their properties safe.

“I know that they are small business owners like we are and it’s important we look out for each other in the community,” Henderson added.

In addition to the businesses interviewed, “Dig It Coffee” was vandalized a couple months ago and according to business owners, “Ocha Thai Cuisine” on the corner of Charleston and Las Vegas Boulevard was hit Tuesday too.

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