LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Thousands of used items that were once part of the Tropicana Hotel were up for sale over the weekend. The historic property, which closed on April 2, held a liquidation sale which includes items such as kitchen supplies, linens, tables, couches, mirrors and even decor.

For some it’s a way to buy a piece of history; for others it makes good business sense.

Over the weekend, Castle of Cakes owner, Sonya Washington stocked up on supplies for her business.

“The more that I purchased, the better the deals they were able to give me, and I’m still not done,” Washington said. “As a small business, It is very difficult to find resources to get equipment and tools and supplies and this is a perfect opportunity because they’re willing to wheel and deal with you.”

While it’s a bargain shoppers dream, it’s also a chance to take home one-of-a-kind Tropicana memorabilia. 

Washington said she already spent more than $4,000 and wasn’t done.

“I’ll be able to say these pieces came from the Tropicana. You know the nostalgia part of it all and just knowing that you have a piece of history with you,” she said.

Local Chef, Angel Lopez, who co-owns Primal Steakhouse also took full advantage of the liquidation sale. Stocking up for his restaurant located on Maryland Parkway.

“Being a small restaurant, you’re always looking for items to use to improve your kitchen,” Lopez shared. 

The sale, only open to the public on the weekends from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Commercial sales are available during the week, but only by appointment. The cost to get in is $20 per person with no refunds or exchanges allowed.

Washington said this was a perfect opportunity for her to splurge for her cake business, while still maintaining a budget.  

“Used equipment that’s working, is always a deal,” she said.

The Tropicana will be demolished to make room for a ballpark.

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