LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — March is National Nutrition Month and a Las Vegas business is helping people of any age stay healthy.

Being healthy is not just about eating a balanced diet, it is also about staying physically active. Blue Chip Conditioning is working to ensure that health and wellness are attainable for anyone with specialized training for athletic enhancement, rehabilitation, and overall physical fitness.

The fitness center held a free multi-day wellness event over the weekend to encourage valley residents to get active and stay active.

“It is so important to focus on wellness, not just only for your overall body strength, but also it helps you mentally so much as well, to get your body moving, release those endorphins, and feel better as you get well,” Blue Chip Conditioning owner, Danielle Maas said. “We have clients, men and women, ranging from ages 7 to 85.”

Training includes the use of various stretch techniques and Pilate principles to help children and adults become their best selves.

It’s not too late to accomplish those New Year’s resolutions with Blue Chip Conditioning offering classes seven days a week.


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