LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Standing next to the broken power breaker business owners were notified via email electricity would be restored, for now.

“Finally,” Rosia Maxwell, owner of 6789 Beauty Bar, said. “It’s been 17 days, we missed a lot of big holidays.”

Maxwell said her beauty salon is still recovering from the damages incurred by the weeks-long power outage which led to some stylists leaving and missing out on business from major Las Vegas events.

Rosia Maxwell, owner of 6789 Beauty Bar (KLAS)

The 24-hour beauty salon worked to remain open during the lack of air conditioning and power, but Maxwell said she is unsure if the problem is fixed following an initial report from 8 News Now.

“Clearly you guys ruffled feathers,” she said. “I appreciate that, but I am overly ecstatic.”

8 News Now obtained a copy of the email sent to the businesses impacted by the outage which showed on Tuesday morning a Helix Electric technician restored power, but a $30,000 replacement of the 4000-amp breaker was still required.

“This event could not have been anticipated,” Paul Kaplan, the senior property manager, wrote an in email. “We are doing all we can to restore power as quickly as possible.”

Kaplan notified business owners on May 6, but the outage persisted for weeks leading to questions on the impact of Tuesday’s fix.

Las Vegas businesses go 16 days without air conditioning (KLAS)

“We were like, ‘Oh, are you sure it’s fixed?’” Maxwell said. “Unfortunately, their word hasn’t really been true.”

“Tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos aren’t good”

Outside West Coast Tattoo Parlor, a motorcycle revved up on the sidewalk where the rider took out his keys and opened the long-closed business—reacting to the sound of air conditioning.

“That is good,” the tattoo artist said. “That means I can come back to work.”

West Coast Tattoo (KLAS)

The tattoo artist, who did not provide his name, said artists employed at the Las Vegas Boulevard location were forced to move to the business’s sister location at Rainbow and Russell.

“I’ve been out of my territorial space here,” he said. “The good folks over at our Rainbow location were very nice and welcoming and provided me space.”

The sister location allowed for a place to work but the tattoo artist said employees can be defensive and there is no replacement for “your” spot.

“I’m so happy to be back home,” he said.

Walk-in customers attempted to get tattoos at West Coast Tattoo Parlor minutes after opening its doors following the weeks-long closure.

“I will be fully operational in a matter of two hours,” the tattoo artist said.

No permanent fix

Frank DiMaggio, co-owner of West Coast Tattoo Parlor, said the damages they sustained from the weeks-long closure are still being assessed.

“This caused us damage monetarily,” he wrote in an email. “As well as [our] reputation that we have worked extremely hard for.”

The property owner, Real Equities LLC, responded to 8 News Now and said they requested the repair for the broken breaker Tuesday morning, but business owners said they shouldn’t be expected to pay rent for the days without power.

The property manager, Gatski Commercial Real Estate Services, submitted an email to DiMaggio requesting $2,401.85 in rent.

“[Property managers] assured us that at the very least we would not be charged for any days of rent without electricity,” DiMaggio wrote in an email. “Apparently it took going to Channel 8 to get the attention we have repeatedly asked for.”

A $30,000 replacement of the 4000-amp breaker has not been made as of Tuesday evening, but power has temporarily been restored to the business initially impacted.

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