LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The extreme heat in Las Vegas has many staying inside as much as possible, but it isn’t stopping some from heading to major outdoor events this weekend.

“It’s pretty warm,” Las Vegas local James Jackson said of the heat.

Some could describe the weather as warm, while others said the 110-degree temperatures are unbearably hot.

“You have to keep hydrated and everything else,” Jackson said.

The Clark County Fire Department has responded to 20 heat-related calls across the Las Vegas valley since Wednesday, with 12 people going to the hospital for heat-related illnesses. 

Jackson was one of many taking advantage of slightly cooler temperatures Friday night after the sun went down at Sunset Park. 

Over the weekend, thousands of people will be in full force for two big events in the middle of the day. 

The Henderson Equality Center was setting up for its fourth annual Pride Fest scheduled for noon on Saturday at Sunset Park. 

“Water, shade, fans,” Trevor Isakson of the Henderson Equality Center said. 

Hundreds of people are expected to attend and Isakson said his team is doing everything it can to keep people safe in dangerous temperatures with a hyper-focus on hydration. 

“Lots of water because it’s going to be super hot,” Isakson said. “We have to make sure people who are out here aren’t sweating to death.” 

On Sunday another big event will take place at Sunset Park. 

Former President Donald Trump will hold a rally, also at noon, with another big crowd set to descend. 

“Whatever events I’m sure they’re worth it,” Jackson said. “It’s going to be hot.” 

Jackson said he hopes those attending will do what they can to stay cool. 

“Wait until the evening, put some tiki torches out,” he suggested. “It would be a lot better, but it is what it is.” 

He encouraged anyone who could to stay inside whenever possible. 

“If you can be in the AC do it,” Jackson concluded. “That’s where I would be.” 

Clark County has extended its cooling station hours through Saturday as extreme temperatures continue. 

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