Hello friends!!

I’mmmmmmm back!! This is my first trip in 2024! I haven’t been back since NYE as I’ve decided to take a step back from Vegas for various reasons.

It will be my first time staying on the South end of the strip at MGM Grand. I booked through a new host who reached out to me during my last run at the mansion. Got and upgraded suite with some great advice from @jpw711. I’m ready to find Monkeys at my new home, the Mansion! It will be like a whole new side of Vegas and I might even get lost!! I may need to look at the map! Halp!

Don’t worry guys, it is still Glorious Caesars. We are on a break. I also need to book my 7* trip this year and I still have good offers even after my no play. So still in the cards for the future.

Second leg of the trip will be Fontainebleu!. I reached out to a host and based on my Caesars offer, I got a comped room and FP. I have not walked through the doors of FB yet so I will provide my thoughts here. I have a pretty optimistic opinion of FB as it sounds like the kind of resort I would like. I did meet up with a host at RW who did a tour and I didn’t feel like the place was for me but based on people’s feedback, I don’t feel the same about FB but I will let you guys know!

MISSION: Lots of monkey calling and lots and lots of #winning

It is also my BIRTHDAY!! I turn 21 again!

Because it has been awhile, I have lots of plans for this trip.

  • Remember to claim my platinum airfare and platinum dining credit from 2023
  • Status Match at FB and Wynn
  • Meals and Spa experiences at FB and Wynn
  • Dunky (especially after airport running… See next post)
  • #TRTakeover
  • Using lots of Caesars drink tickets and 7* food vouchers.
  • Adele concert again but paid with my own dolla billsr
  • Maroon 5 Concert. Thanks MGM!
  • Calvin Harris at LIV
  • More shows and concerts.
  • Ramen Noods at 3am
  • Donuts in the huge spa tub. Right @ColoVegPlayer?
  • Daybed/pod at MGM Pool
  • Finally visit Hello Kitty store at FSM for first time. @LovablePenguin
  • Lots of food at MGM properties.
  • VMB Slot pull at Rio
  • Lots and lots more #winning

First. The nails. The prettiest set yet!



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