“I have this thing where I get older but just never wiser.
Midnights become my afternoons”

Vegas does that and today is the day but it is going to be a long one.

My husband has obligations today that keep him from driving me to the airport so I’ve had to resort to an airport transportation service. There is only one that services my small city and it necessitates arriving at the airport 5 hours before departure!! It is going to be a loooooooooooong wait. What does one do with 5 hours of airport time besides plotting my own demise and people watching?

Hubby and I just had lunch and I am now sitting in the lobby of the local Quality Inn waiting for the van to the airport. Here hella early too; it doesn’t depart until 2:00 pm. It’s 1:12 pm here now. Hurry up and wait.

Had a long lay in with the pups this morning who were not impressed by the appearance of the suitcases. Daddy will take good care of them and with Daddy in charge they’ll be able to do stuff like run into the house with wet paws without getting them wiped.


This photo of what the best dressed female travellers are wearing came up in my ads today. 2 purses and a fanny pack, interesting. Heeled boots, oh so comfy for airport trekking .


I opted for comfy Sketchers and an easy off romper; I left well dressed traveller behind in favour of comfort 20 years ago.

@MikeOPensacola mentioned these travel hangers so I grabbed some online.


Other travellers are arriving for the van. I hope we aren’t packed in there. 5 of us here now.

I’m going to ponder my life choices until airport arrival.


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