LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Greg Chin still has the photo framed of the first house he sold thanks to TikTok, but now others might not have the same opportunity with a potential change coming to the social media giant.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday by a vote of 352-65, which would lead to a nationwide ban of TikTok if its China-based owner doesn’t move its operations to an American web host.

The vote now goes to the Senate where if passed President Joe Biden has said he will sign it.

Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford rose in opposition to the TikTok legislation, the only member of the Nevada delegation to do so, on the grounds it is not fair other social media entities are not held to the same standard and the negative impact it will have on businesses.

“In Nevada alone, more than 28,000 small businesses use TikTok in order to promote their business,” he said in a video posted from his TikTok account. “Content creators that have used this platform to create wealth should also be owner of wealth.”

Chin, a Las Vegas realtor and influencer, got his start on TikTok on Apr. 1, 2020, when the world shut down he said he wanted to learn something new.

Greg Chin, Las Vegas realtor and influencer, got his start on TikTok on Apr. 1, 2020, when the world shut down he says he wanted to learn something new. (KLAS)

“It’s created a life that I probably never even dreamed of,” he said. “By having a platform where your community can participate in their community, like TikTok, showing the positive sides of Las Vegas, lifestyle, real estate, food, they are able to participate.”

The possible ban of the social media giant stems from allegations the Chinese government is using the platform to gain access to sensitive information on Americans’ devices.

Chin said he is indifferent about the potential risks, instead pointing to the privacy sacrifices many make on other platforms daily.

“Access to the marketplace will require you to give up some of that security whether it’s your face ID to open your phone, whether it’s your social security and personal information for tap pay with your credit card,” Chin said. “a lot of people might not think about the small things they sacrifice from a security standpoint to receive some of that freedom.”

The State of Nevada already has a ban for all agency personnel to not have TikTok on their devices as well as: Kaspersky, Huawei, and Grammarly.

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