We are excited to let you know that we have just rolled out a new module for ch-aviation PRO.

We call it ch-aviation accidents & incidents.

This module launched in cooperation with the Flight Safety Foundation features a comprehensive overview of accidents and incidents on an aircraft tail number level since the late 1950s. It’s the very first time that accident data is mapped with fleet and loss category data, making it extremely easy to search and analyse for many different use cases.

We have spent several years talking to various market stakeholders to understand the importance of categorisation within this type of data and decided to develop our product by meticulously mapping our existing fleet data with Flight Safety Foundation Accident and Incident Data, providing you with an invaluable tool for risk management and analysis. In addition, we have also incorporated detailed loss categories and subcategories for all events as of 2013, allowing you to get a deeper understanding of each incident or accident.

This data includes Operator details, Aircraft details, Casualties, Flight Nature/Phase, Event Location, Origin, Destination, Event Profile including Damage Type, Loss Category/Subcategory and a brief of the event along with further links to original sources.

Besides the aircraft tail number level, you can look into all events on an operator or airport level and conduct a search based on the main categories that we track:

  • Accident
  • Incident
  • Serious incident
  • Unknown Occurrence
  • Unlawful interference


Simply go to the Aircraft tab and, within the Accident and Incident Search tab, search for:

Source link