This week, Alabama’s Supreme Court made a radical ruling that threatens to effectively ban infertility care like IVF, stripping reproductive health care rights from thousands of women – and Nevada Republicans are setting the stage to attempt to enact the same draconian policies here at home. Last legislative session, every single GOP legislator voted against enshrining the right to infertility care and abortions rights into Nevada’s Constitution. 

Nevada Right To Life, an extreme anti-choice group, strongly opposed the codification of infertility care and in response Joe Lombardo hosted a fundraiser for them at the governor’s mansion. Lombardo promised to govern through an anti-choice lens and he’s already come out in favor of a strict new abortion ban in Nevada. Given the opportunity, he and his cronies in the legislature would strip Nevada women of their reproductive freedoms. 

It’s clear: Nevada Republicans are too extreme for our state. 


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