Embark on an African safari. Explore the depths of space. Sip cocktails in a Tokyo night market. From exhilarating natural wonders to enriching cultural moments and beyond, you’ll be immersed in the world’s most extraordinary experiences at Illumarium Las Vegas. Illuminarum offers a family-friendly experience during the day and transforms in the evenings into Illuminarium After Dark, an adults-only nightlife venue.

The attraction is brought to life through an unprecedented blend of 4K laser projection providing guests a connected and shared entertainment journey. 360-degree surround sound creates a unique and precise sound experience for each individual. In-floor haptics produce realistic sensations for visitors, such as the ground-shaking with an elephant’s stomp or leaving a footprint on the moon as you walk. The experience even has scent, adding authentic enhancement to the immersive experience. Illuminarum’s cinematic immersion will place you into the middle of the narrative unfolding around you.

Strobe effects, gentle floor vibration, immersive sound, and realistic & responsive projection are all part of the experience, but nothing is intended to be frightening or disorienting. The intensity of the various elements will depend on the featured spectacle.

The Illuminarium experience is completely indoors, and sensory-friendly bags are available at the box office upon arrival if needed.

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