Man sends letter with hit list, prosecutors say

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man who vandalized several public officials’ homes could face new charges after prosecutors said he wrote a letter where he solicits the murder of the judge hearing his case and several other people, including two reporters.

Earlier this year, Charles Dowling, 21, pleaded guilty but mentally ill to several charges, including stalking and extortion, for a series of events beginning last spring.

On June 17, Dowling went to several “public officials’ homes, vandalizing [them] and bringing a knife to terrorize and attempt to influence the action of the public officials regarding perceived grievances the subject has against each person,” documents said.

Henderson police responded to the home of a city employee for a report of a man, later identified as Dowling, who was “smashing raw eggs, [scattering] various vegetables both cut and uncut, sprayed alfredo pasta sauce over the area and then threw various seasoning including paprika,” documents said. Dowling also left a personal letter for the public official.

Charles Dowling, 21, vandalized several public officials’ homes and could face new charges after prosecutors said he wrote a letter, appearing to solicit the murder of the judge hearing his case and several other people, including two reporters. (LVMPD/KLAS)

Early the next morning, Dowling went to former Republican Nevada Assemblyman Tom Roberts’ home, documents said. Video surveillance showed Dowling leaving a letter at the home and cutting Roberts’ bushes, police said. It appears Dowling believed Roberts, who retired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as assistant sheriff before his run for office, was the current Clark County sheriff.

Later that morning, Dowling splattered eggs, sauce and vegetables at the home of Democratic Nevada Assembly Speaker Yeager and his wife, Bita Yeager, who is a district court judge, also leaving behind a knife, documents said. The judge was Dowling’s intended target, police said.

Speaker Yeager also found messages from Dowling, which said in part, “Y’all keeping [the inmate] locked up as a slave for a month. Look out because both of y’all will be stabbed if you come near my door.” Dowling also went to the home of a former CCDC corrections officer, police said.

Police arrested Dowling on June 18 as he was leaving a home near Valley View Boulevard and Southern Highland Parkway, documents said. While a detective introduced himself to Dowling, Dowling reportedly said, “Is this about the emails or the eggs?”

Items left outside one home. (KLAS)

“Dowling stated during his interview that he sought out these particular persons and went to their homes in an intent to make them fearful and feel what he was feeling in his frustration for his causes,” police said.

As part of a plea agreement, Judge Ronald Israel was due to sentence Dowling to a suspended jail sentence and order him to attend inpatient mental health treatment, documents said. But prosecutors said the deal may fall apart after Dowling sent a letter to his ex-partner from jail.

On May 7, Dowling sent the letter to the Nevada Division of Parole and Probation, asking the letter then be delivered it to his former partner who himself is out on probation and in a facility, documents said. In the letter, Dowling asks his former partner to help “finish the plan,” which includes the hiring of “hitman people.”

Dowling then lists people he “plans to murder” as Israel, Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Dickerson, Roberts, two reporters, including 8 News Now Investigator David Charns, and several others, documents said.

A knife left outside one home. (KLAS)

Dowling appears agitated that reporters identified him as a “man” instead of a “boy,” his letter said.

“Defendant discusses his motivations for murdering these individuals and continues the letter discussing using ‘fuel and Molotov’s’ ‘for the biggest revolt the country has seen… to ensure not one palm tree in the legal district or the Strip remains standing,’” Dickerson wrote in court documents.

Because of the new allegations, Dickerson asked Israel to file new criminal charges against Dowling, including the solicitation to commit murder.

Dowling’s defense attorney told the court he was prepared to respond to the request for new charges in the coming weeks, adding it appears his client’s mental health condition led to the new allegations.

Israel scheduled a June 10 date to rule on the possible new charges. Dowling remained in custody Wednesday at the Clark County Detention Center where he was held without bail.

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