LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — You might have noticed a hazy weekend as smoke from the Post Fire in Southern California and other wildfires in Arizona have drifted into the Las Vegas valley.

The haze prompted Kevin Macdonald from Clark County’s Division of Air Quality to issue a smoke alert through Monday evening.

“Now late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, we saw a lot of smoke come rolling into Clark County so we issued an alert because it was already here and happening,” Macdonald said.

There are 15 to 17 air monitoring stations across Southern Nevada tracking ozone and other pollutants in the air.

“This one here is for ozone, so like right now we can see what the ozone is doing at the moment and the monitor right behind me, that one’s for PM, particulate matter measuring PM 10 and PM 2.5,” Macdonald added.

Macdonald said ozone levels are already a bit higher in the summer and over the last few years, droughts and extreme heat have fueled more wildfires increasing ozone levels in urban areas.

“We issued a seasonal wildfire and ozone advisory back on April 1, that’s in effect until September 30, specifically for events such as this,” Macdonald remarked.

Giselle Hall and Karen Tubilleja observed all the smoke too.

“Yeah it was pretty bad yesterday because I was driving into work and I could see it and I was concerned because I was outside and I work outside,” Tubilleja said. “It’s breezier today too, so it’s not as bad otherwise I wouldn’t have came out because I have to work tonight as well.”

However, it didn’t stop them from taking their dog to the park.

While conditions are already improving, Macdonald said air quality may fluctuate between moderate and unhealthy for sensitive groups through Monday night. For those who are sensitive to these types of particles, Macdonald said to change your air filters at home. Keep windows and doors closed and limit outdoor exercise if you can.

You can check air quality levels here.

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