LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — School is out and fun is in! Toy experts are in Las Vegas at the Licensing Expo scouting out the hottest toys of the summer. From novelty characters to generational fan favorites, hundreds of toys are on display showcasing what’s new and now in the toy industry.

“We’ve been seeing a huge uptick — of course — in kids’ favorite characters. Everything from Pokémon to peanuts to Care Bears, all those nostalgic brands,” said Toy Insider Editor-in-Chief Ali Mierzejewski. “Parents love the brands as well as kids now so it’s really a multigenerational experience in play.”

The expo features a variety of toys that include budget-friendly options, vacation and travel-friendly, interactive play, sensory play, and brain-boosting activities. Toy experts say the best toys offer great play value, to get kids to put down the iPads and get active.

“I think a big trend in toys lately that parents and kids both like are screen-free,” said Mierzejewski. “Since kids are in front of screens all day, either at school or at home, it’s really great to have toys that get them away from the screen.”

The Licensing Expo is a business trade show where license owners and licensees meet with different brands and discuss developing fan-favorite products for kids and adults. The event began on Wednesday, May 21, and runs through Friday, May 23 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Featured toys are available on store shelves at major retailers.

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