LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Those in Henderson are voicing their concerns over a development on top of a toxic site; known as Three Kids Mine, located off Lake Mead Boulevard and Lake Las Vegas Parkway.

The site was initially used for manganese mining more than 50 years ago but now the city of Henderson and The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection are planning to build a housing complex on site. 

Community members who met up Wednesday say they are not keen on the idea. 

“There are future families that are going to live in these homes and what about their health,” a resident exclaimed. 

Henderson City Councilwoman Carrie Cox was at Wednesday’s meeting listening to residents’ concerns.

“I know there is dust and fumes being kicked up in the air,” Cox shared. “There’s a lot of conflicting information in regards to this project, but I felt that when I voted for it,  I was making the right decision at the time, but since then I don’t feel that I should’ve done that.”

Those who live just feet away from the site say they don’t know how much longer they can live there as they are fearing for their health.

“I am concerned to the point that we are actively looking for another place to call home,” resident, Irene Bjorklund shared.

8 News Now reached out to the City of Henderson and while they weren’t able to provide a statement on the project, they did say that The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection is the lead agency overseeing the project along with private developers.

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