On Tuesday, June 4th, Chinatown Vegas welcomed a unique group of esteemed global media personalities for a Chinatown crawl.. Media outlets from Asia, Europe, South America, and Canada were represented, embarking on a delicious exploration of some of Chinatown’s hidden gems. Based on their initial reactions, they were thoroughly impressed with the diverse culinary offerings and vibrant culture Las Vegas’ Chinatown has to offer.

A Foodie Journey Through Three Culinary Gems

The crawl kicked off at Noodlehead, where media representatives tantalized their taste buds with Chef Ben’s innovative and mouthwatering noodle dishes. Next, they journeyed to ShangHai Taste, a local favorite renowned for its xiao long bao and authentic Shanghainese cuisine. At ShangHai Taste, James Beard nominated Chef Jimmy Li shared some recipe tips and techniques as well as some family stories. The crawl concluded at another favorite, Shang Artisan Noodle, where guests were treated to a visual of chef-owner Sam’s delicious exploration of hand-pulled noodles and other traditional delicacies.

Showcasing the Culinary Diversity of Chinatown

This Chinatown Crawl is a testament to Las Vegas’ Chinatown’s incredible diversity and depth of flavors. From innovative noodle creations to time-honored Shanghainese specialties, Chinatown offers a world of culinary exploration waiting to be discovered.



Global media at Shanghai Taste during a Chinatown crawl


A Look Forward: Sharing the Vegas Culinary Experience

The participating global media are poised to enjoy their Chinatown Crawl experiences with a global audience. This exposure promises to shine a spotlight on the unique flavors and vibrant culture of Las Vegas’ Chinatown, further solidifying its reputation as a must-visit destination for any food enthusiast.

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