LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The aftermath of Fourth of July fireworks could be seen across the Las Vegas valley with some residents in the southeast valley seeing flames erupt Thursday night.

“We looked over and we noticed some flames at my neighbor’s house across the way,” southeast valley resident, Vince Bishop shared.

Bishop noticed the flames as he said goodbye to family after a Fourth of July party at his house.

“One of the fireworks fell over and then shot something out and caught some weeds on fire in the backyard. That in turn caught my neighbor’s storage unit on fire too,” he shared with 8 News Now.

Fortunately, the fire was put out quickly, but Bishop said things could have escalated with the extreme heat.

“The heat obviously didn’t help and there were a lot of plants like their little vegetable garden. A lot of dead shrubs and then one caught on fire,” he said.

In the central valley, near Oakey Boulevard and Maryland Parkway, residents were also on high alert as a fire erupted and spread through a neighbor’s backyard. Jose, who lives a couple of doors down from where the fire started, said the whole ordeal was scary.

“All the fireworks were landing on my yard. On top of the car and on top of my roof,” Jose said.

Clark County responded to 193 calls involving outside fires and 18 reports of building fires. Las Vegas Fire & Rescue reported 85 firework-related incidents taking nearly 1200 Emergency Calls and Metro’s Illegal Fireworks Taskforce issuing 229 citations across the valley.

Jose said that even though using fireworks can be a way to celebrate, people must realize how dangerous they are before it’s too late.

“We were all concerned,” he said.

Metro seized just over 1,700 pounds of illegal fireworks on the Fourth of July. Fines for having illegal fireworks start at $500. 

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