LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A local family in the Historic Westside received the gift of a lifetime. After living in a house in desperate need of repairs, they now have a home. 

Alfreda Ferrell has lived in her home in the Historic Westside on Bowman Avenue for 30 years, along with her daughter Janean Ferrell. On Tuesday, the women moved back into their home for the first time, but it looked nothing like the home they left three months prior.

Local nonprofit Neighborhood Housing Services Southern Nevada helped transform the house from a mess to a masterpiece through its Flip Forward initiative.

“It’s night and day. This is something they can be proud of calling home,” said Michelle Merced, president and CEO of NHSSN. “Before it was in distress. It needed some love.”

NHSSN received a “Welcome Home” Grant from Wells Fargo Bank in 2023 to renovate a house in the Historic Westside of Las Vegas. Alfreda and Janean Ferrell’s home was selected. It turns out, the homeowners are the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of civil rights activist Ida B. Wells-Barnett.

The nonprofit also worked with the City of Las Vegas to help facilitate upgrading electrical panels to code and landscaping the front yard to help with curb appeal. Validity Construction remodeled and renovated the interior and exterior of the property with the help of donations from HomeAid of Southern Nevada and Lowe’s.

“Electrical was updated to code. The roof was redone. We provided a tankless water heater to save the family some money. They got new flooring, new baseboards, new trim, new, fresh paint – interior and exterior – appliances, countertops,” Merced said. “We just said this person should live in dignity… (a) healthy house means long-term life.”

Ferrell and her daughter were moved to an affordable apartment complex during the renovation. Ferrell thought a few things were going to be touched up around the home. But to her surprise, she returned to basically a new home.

“Well, they said, ‘We’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that,’ and I said ‘Okay’” said Ferrell. “We (came in and found) that it’s completely livable now.” 

Before the renovation, Ferrell, who utilizes a wheelchair, said her home was full of carpet flooring. This made it nearly impossible for her to get around. Now she has brand new hardwood flooring among many other renovations.

“Just everything – the kitchen is great; they redid the kitchen. They’ve done some of the bathrooms, they’ve done my bedroom,” said Ferrell. “To me, it’s almost like a new home. It’s still the same, but it’s not.”


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