LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — “We are barely surviving,” said Hyun Kim, who lives on the streets of Las Vegas and like others is trying to stay cool during a record-breaking heatwave that saw a new all-time high temperature of 120 degrees on Sunday.   

Frederick Wordlaw, who has been homeless for 12 years said finding shade is always a priority.

“This is the hottest I’ve ever experienced and I’ve lived here all my life,” Wordlaw shared. And he’s not alone.

Fortunately, there are cooling stations, but if those are full or not easily accessible, Jeffrey Eastman has this advice. “We go to parks with water and thank goodness for the churches around here because people donate and help out with food.”

Rehabilitation treatment centers like Vegas Stronger took to the streets Sunday to pass out water and supplies and offer their services to those in need during this time of extreme heat.

Maceo Whitsett, who resides at the Courtyard Homeless Resource Center, said he’s thankful for a cool and safe place to lay his head.

“I use the resources because it’s comfortable and a lot of homeless people don’t use them. I don’t know why, but going to the shelter, they provide water, cool air, and relief from the heat,” he said.

The underground tunnels in Las Vegas are also a place where the unhoused tend to go because it’s cool and shaded. 

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