Early Birds – A Breakfast Spot

THE BIRD BATH – Rum, Coconut Cream, Blue Curacao, Pineapple Juice


DOUBLE SMASH BURGER – Two Smashed Beef Patties, American Cheese, Grilled Onions, Pickle Chips, Secret Sauce, Potato Bun

CHICKEN AND WAFFLES – Corn Flake Fried Chicken, Traditional Waffle, Pickle Chips, Hot Honey

THE IRISHMAN SKILLET – 2 Eggs Over Easy, Corned Beef, Potatoes, Cheddar Cheese, Bell Peppers, Onions

THE PHAT ELVIS – Deep fried Cinnamon Toast Crunch, PB&J, Candied Bananas, Icing. Served with Smashed Potatoes

BANANA FOSTER PANCAKES – Banana, Caramel, Walnuts, Vanilla Ice Cream

MONTE CRISTO – Brioche French Toast, Ham, Swiss Cheese and Jelly. Served with Smashed Potatoes

Opened in April of 2024 by Ryan Labbe and his 81/82 Group Early Birds is located at 5025 Blue Diamond Road, a schlep for most of the Valley and one that has thus far been met with mixed reviews by guests except for obvious Social Media #influencer shills and “critics” grubbing in their car.

Described as “A Breakfast Spot” by signage, or an “off-Strip gem” online, guests arriving too far after the 7am opening can expect a wait despite open tables that go uncleared for up to an hour while table service isn’t much better – in some cases requiring a member of the party to stand up 30 minutes after seating to ask for water.

Pleasantly decorated with a virtual sky and bird photos, a scrolling collection of cartoons on television while iheartradio plays overhead, guests dine at tables high and low with plates arriving as ready – though forget asking for a “Massive” Cinnamon Roll “sold out for weeks,” housemade Chips or other menu items including some of the drinks.

Oddly disorganized on a busy holiday, 81/82’s La Neta and Juliet Cocktail Room far more efficient, once Food arrives he experience picks up whether one chooses to sip Coffee or the creamy “Bird Bath” with classics such as a Corned Beef Skillet or Chicken and Waffles.

Reluctant to serve Syrup without a request, its quality questionable, Early Bird’s “Monte Cristo” is better described as a French Toast Sandwich without enough Jelly while Bananas Foster Pancakes include Ice Cream but fail to booze up or Caramelize the Fruit in a setting where such seems expected.

Not lacking for portions considering a price-point similar to other community Breakfast joints fans of Burgers will be happy to know this version comes as two smashed Patties with all the accouterments while “Phat Elvis” in a lunchbox takes the King’s favorite Sandwich in a new direction thanks to Cinnamon Toast Crunch while omitting the Bacon.


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