LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Downtown Las Vegas businesses said they are concerned after a nearby property was shut down due to crime in the area.

Edna Nettles who lives at the Travelers Bed and Breakfast is doing all she can to keep it together after Las Vegas Metropolitan police shut down the property last week.

“We call Metro police when we see a crime in the area and they automatically put that stigma on us, that we’re the bad guys” Nettles shared.

“We can’t help what goes on outside the walls. We can only help what goes on inside,” she added.

8 News Now spoke with property owner, Hope Kwon regarding the recent matter. She told 8 News Now that the city stated that her business is a hub for illegal activity and they want to shut it down permanently for the safety of its community members, and business owners nearby agreed.

“I would like it shut down. I feel like it would clean up the area around here if it were gone,” Samvel Sardaryan, Owner of Pop’s Automotive shared.

The Travelers Bed and Breakfast even posted a drug-free zone sign on its premises, but business owner, Destiny Andrade told 8 News Now she has heard from homeless individuals directly that drug deals are going on inside there.

“When you see people leave out of there, I don’t know what they are doing and then you see the same people acting out of whack, like an hour later,” Sardaryan added.

Across the way, over at Horse Trailer Hideout, owner Marissa Pretkus said ever since the police came, she’s seen a change for the better.

“I feel like once it was shut down, we’ve seen a huge cleanup in the area,” Pretkus said. “I do believe as a community, we need to come together to make sure problems don’t arise.”

A full report will be presented at the next city council meeting on Wednesday. It will also be a time for those with the Travelers Bed and Breakfast to plead their case and fight for their property.


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