LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The city is looking to permanently shut down Travelers Bed & Breakfast located in Downtown Las Vegas after several complaints about crime in the area.

“Given the calls for service and the degree of violence and vagrancy, we think a revocation or disciplinary action is warranted,” Deputy City Attorney, John Curtas said during last week’s city council meeting. 

With several complaints made by the city’s Department of Community Development, Curtas says Metro Police has been concerned about the illegal activity happening in and around the property located in the area of 3rd Street and Utah Avenue for some time.

“There have been stabbings, homicides and all kinds of issues,” Curtas added.

Just last week, Metro officers took the initiative and shut down the premises.

Longtime resident Patricia Wiley said the crime in the area has nothing to do with the bed-and-breakfast itself.

“They didn’t give us a 24-hour notice and just kicked us out,” Wiley noted. “It’s not inside the complex that crime is happening, it’s outside the gate. That shouldn’t be our problem.”

Hope Kwon, owner of Travelers Bed & Breakfast says she’s worked tirelessly with the city to try and do the right thing, but it’s not her fault that nearby crime has gotten worse.

“I’ll call 311 because I need help and they don’t come,” Kwon said.

Kwon said that she keeps a clean business and does all she can to keep the crime out of their building, but it’s the city that needs to take responsibility for cleaning up the area.

“The alley is so dark and I begged them to add some lighting, but they don’t listen to me,” Kwon shared. “We need more patrol here.”

Councilwoman Olivia Diaz, who directly oversea the area said changes need to happen soon.

“I have been informed by the captain of the Downtown Area Command and I do feel that expediency is warranted to this situation,” Diaz said.

Nearby businesses shared with 8 News Now that they do not blame the bed-and-breakfast for the continuing crime problem. They’re more concerned with the vacant motel next door, which has now been taken over by unhoused people

A final decision will be made at the city council meeting next Wednesday on whether the bed-and-breakfast will be forced to shut down for good or if it can reopen.


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