What do the following things have in common?

That’s right, they’re all Rio! Which is where CVP finds himself going tomorrow! This is my third trip in 3 weeks, I don’t know how @VegasDaytripper does it. I’m exhausted, but excited.

This will be my first trip staying exclusively off-strip. I’ve stayed at Green Valley Ranch once, but that was the end of a longer trip.

The last time I was at the Rio was years ago, to see a Penn and Teller show. I’m excited to see how Dreamscape has spruced the place up.

The restaurant line up looks really good, to me. I’m looking forward to Voodoo Steak and Kang’s Kitchen, specifically. But Hash House A Go Go, Tender Crush, and Attaboy Burger all sound delicious too.

Trip plans:

Food plans:

  • I have reservations for VooDoo on Saturday
  • Also planning on Tender Crush for Friday night
  • Hoping to do Kang’s Kitchen on Sunday
  • At some point I’ll sneak over to HHAGG because who can resist that breakfast?
  • All the other meals will be impromptu.

I also heard a rumor that a certain walrus will be here this weekend…
So this will be us:

I hope the walrus brings that style of shirt to wear.

I’m staying on an offer match that Rio was running. It’s actually a pretty good offer match! I sent them my Mandalay Bay MGM offer, of $1900FP and $800 Resort Credit.

They came back with this offer structure:
$700 upfront FrioPlay
$700 additional FP after earning only 12,000 casino points on the trip
$700 additional FP after earning 25,000 casino points on the trip
$500 upfront F&B
Comp Show tickets to any of our in house shows.

So technically I can get more FP than my original offer, if I do $31k coin in on slots! We’ll have to see how my luck goes.

The $500 F&B does seem a tad on the low side, and has me a bit worried. BUT the food prices at Rio seem pretty reasonable, based off what I can find. Of course, my GF is joining too, so we might burn through that $500 quickly, hah.

I know reviews have been mixed on the Rio. I’ll be giving my honest opinions on everything, but I’m expecting to be satisfied. To put that in perspective, I really disliked FontaineBleau, but love NYNY. So that’s the sort of style I have…

Overall, I am looking forward to this trip, because who doesn’t love Vegas?

Hope you all follow along, and I hope to see a lot of you at the slot pull!


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