LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County school police are on track to confiscate more guns this school year than the previous year.

According to the Clark County School District Police Department’s data, 42 firearms have been seized since the school year began in August.

On Tuesday, a student at Canarelli Middle School was arrested for having a gun, which automatically leads to an expulsion.

“In the Clark County School District, schools must recommend students for expulsion for a number of offensives. It only makes it mandatory to expel students for possessions of firearms or dangerous weapons,” CCSD Assistant Superintendent Kevin McPartlin said at Thursday’s board of trustees meeting discussing expulsion data.

The district’s website shows 898 students have been expelled from CCSD since the start of the school year in August. But it doesn’t break down if it was for a weapon.

In some cases, officers have arrested parents for showing up on campuses with firearms.

Records showed adults accounted for more than half the guns school police have seized.

8 News Now obtained an arrest report for Dion Marshall. He was arrested at Simmons Elementary on Feb. 7 of this year.

According to police, he told a parent who he says cut him off “you’re lucky I have my child in the car, or I would of shot you.”

When confronted by police, he told investigators, “I did not brandish a firearm or however you say it, I promise you that.”

CCSDPD said they were able to locate the gun hidden under the passenger seat, tucked away in a black holster.

Officers arrested another parent on Dec. 1, 2023, at Palo Verde High School.

Mindy Michelle Mayfield reportedly appeared at Palo Verde armed after her kid was in a fight.

Administrators asked Mayfield “to leave, she got upset, grabbed her [children] and said, ‘we will just take care of it ourselves, I know the other kids involved in the fight are still around,’” according to the report.

 A school staffer told police, “he felt Mindy was going to confront the kids involved in the fight while she had a firearm on her right hip.”

In both arrests, the parents were carrying loaded guns.

Of the 42 firearms CCSDPD confiscated, 22 were on campus and 20 were off-campus.

Last year, CCSDPD seized a total of 49.

Clark County School Police have also confiscated 131 knives so this year.

There are 34 school days left in the year, the last day of classes at CCSD is May 20.

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