LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas cat rescue says a closed cardboard box filled with nine cats — ranging from kittens to adults — was found just in time after the animals were abandoned at an apartment complex.

According to Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions, a resident in the apartment complex found the box with the over-heated cats in a glass-enclosed vestibule on Friday and contacted the rescue. The cats and kittens, who were piled on top of each other in the box with a small towel and handful of food, are reportedly doing well. The resident said it was the second time in the past few months she found abandoned cats at the complex.

The mother cat and her three-week-old kittens were sent to an experienced foster family for care and are doing well and getting supplemental bottle feeding due to their small size. The other cats were spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped and are now available for adoption at Homeward Bound.

Homeward Bound said it costs around $170 per cat for basic medical care and is asking for donations to help cover the costs. This link has information on how to donate to cover costs for the abandoned cats. Just put “nine cats” in the comment field. Homeward Bound can also be contacted at (702) 463-9996 or online at this link.

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